About us

Chironex Records is a small french label, mainly psych/folk and improv oriented. You can listen some samples and have some informations at www.myspace.com/chironex92

You could also find some of our releases there :

Alt Vinyl (UK)
Art Into Life (Japan)
Bimbo Tower (FR)
Blackest Rainbow (UK)
Blind Spot - Les Angles Morts (FR)
Boa Melody Bar (UK)
Conspiracy Records (NED)
Eclipse Records (USA)
Grand Guignol (FR)
Ikuisuus (FI)
Insula Music (DEN)
Metamkine (FR)
Midheaven (USA)
Mimaroglu Music Sales (USA)
Norman Records (UK)
Other Musick (Hong Kong)
Souffle Continu (FR)
Tedium House (USA)
Time Lag Records (USA)
Unrock Import Service (DE)
Volcanic Tongue (UK)
Warszawa (Japan)